Monday, November 24, 2014

AFRICA IN FOCUS >> Coming up on 25 November, 2014: 25th Edition SPECIAL: Celebrating the 25th Africa Industrialisation Day; and Unearthing Voices on Africa’s Development (1): “Seeing the Wood for the Trees”

25th Edition SPECIAL:
Celebrating the 25th Africa Industrialisation Day; and Unearthing Voices on Africa’s Development (1):
“Seeing the Wood for the Trees”

 Even as AIF is at the cusp of its 7th month, 25th November will be the 25th Edition of the show.

This special edition is dedicating the first part of the show to seeing the wood for the trees around Ghana, and Africa’s industrialization policy. In the light of the furore around chairs in Ghana’s parliament being imported from China, we will be speaking to a member of Ghana’s furniture and wood association who will tell us why they issued a statement only last week about their concerns on aspects of Ghana’s industrial policy.

Still on wood, we will speak to Coordinator of ForestWatch, Samuel Mawutor, who will give us insights into the relationship between the Chinese and Ghana’s Rosewood, and what specific policies the government has adopted on how to save Rosewood from being exploited by the Chinese who import no less than 96% of that wood. What does the attitude around Rosewood tell us about Chinese attitudes over Ghana’s industrial policy, and the country’s fight against climate change?

Finally, in the second part of the show, we will commence what will be a series on unearthing voices on Africa’s development. What this means is that we will be speaking to professionals who hold robust views on aspects of Africa’s development. This can be on any topic, so we are starting off with Araba Arhin, who once worked with the West Africa Commission on Drugs,  and has deep insights into the sub-region’s fight against narcotics and drug trafficking.

We will switch gears to speak to a lady who has dedicated the better part of her career to bringing NGOs together in what is an-otherwise very competitive and territorial sector.  And, as always, we will not only get an update on Ebola from Kobby Blay, but actually be picking his brain on the way forward on Africa’s health.

Guiding Questions to be answered:
·        What is FAWAG, and its message to policymakers, including the government, on the way forward on Ghana’s industrialization?
·        Are the Chinese helping or hindering Ghana’s development?
·        Why is Rosewood important to Ghana, and the fight against climate change?
·        What were major outcomes of the four-day Forest Forum held last week?
·        What is West Africa Commission on Drugs doing to contribute to regional drug policy?
·        Why is the fight against drug trafficking in West Africa especially important?
·        Why do NGOs need to collaborate? And why is there a sense of urgency around working together?
·        How is the EbolaWatch campaigning to sustain the momentum on awareness-raising on Ebola?

Guests in the studio:
Ø  Araba Arhin, translator, and former WACID official
Ø  Kobby BlayEbola Watch

On the line:
·        Enoch A Sackey, Office Manager, Furniture & Wood Products Association of Ghana(FAWAG) @13h20
·        Samuel Mawutor, Civic Response/Coordinator, ForestWatch @13h35
·        Nadia Zeine, Director, Wishes Alliance @14h00

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