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COMING UP!>>Ep.74 | (Season 4; Ep.9): Unpacking the Model ECOWAS Summit on 28 May, 2016

Episode #74
(Season 4; Ep.9):  
Unpacking the Model ECOWAS Summit on 28 May, 2016

Season 4 is STILL on the theme of “making money for Africa”.

We commenced the Season unpacking the nitty-gritty of the Creative Economy, and concluded that Film, more than any other cog in the Creative Economy wheel, was probably the most dominant within that Economy.

In episode 2, we appreciated how, if managed properly, Sports could become the biggest employer in Ghana, the sub region, and the Continent.

In episode 3, we started to treat the all-important topic of customer service, concluding that, Ghana can achieve an “insanely customer-centric culture” as seen in the West, but it takes exposure and training of frontline staff to do that.

In episode 4, we concluded that East Africa continues to rise, while episode 5 helped demystify Africa’s agriculture under the AU’s flagship programme of CAADP, concluding that issues around Agribusiness and nutrition will dominate discussions around Agriculture after the 12th CAADP Partnership Platform meeting that was held in Accra mid-April.

In episode 6, we piggy-backed on the *UNCTAD E-Commerce week* that took place from 18-22 April in Geneva, concluding the show on Cyber-crime with the shocking conclusion that Ghana’s Cyber-awareness is at a shockingly low threshold.

Episode 7 saw us in a conversation with the West Africa Civil Society Institute for updates on latest activities, and publications, concluding that it was necessary to have a conversation about African philanthropy.

Last week’s episode – the 8th for the year – shone the spotlight on AfriTourism for the fourth time, concluding that the “Think Ghana, Think Cocoa” venture, which was unveiled at a Marketing competition at the University of Ghana Business School in April, needs immense support as it has put cocoa very significantly into conversations around tourism.

Now for the 11th May edition of Africa in Focus, we have yet-another special edition looking at the unique Model ECOWAS Summit – scheduled for ECOWAS Day on 28 May, 2016.

On the 13 Edition of AIF, back in August 2014, we spoke to David Osabutey – co-founder of the Model ECOWAS Summit – around International Youth Day. The idea was to interrogate different dimensions of African youth.

In the year that the African Youth Charter -- an institutional and legal response to youth development and empowerment in Africa -- turns ten, it is instructive to be having a conversation about this most-unique of Summits that not only seeks to simulate what an ECOWAS Summit may look like, but how a gathering of this sort seeks to help Ghanaian and other African youth better-appreciate the workings of West African diplomacy.

So we need to ask: what IS the Model ECOWAS Summit? What are its objectives? How many people are expected to attend? And what does it really seek to achieve in helping educate Ghanaians and other Africans about international development – especially that of West Africa?

Join us if you can at 2.05pm on 11 May, 2016.
Call us on the following numbers

Guest in the studio:
Ø David Osabutey, Co-founder, Model ECOWAS Summit

more details will be available soon on www.africainfocusradioshow.org ; africainfocusshow.blogspot.com. Follow the conversations on #AfricainFocus on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/africainfocus14

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