Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Coming up!》Ep.90 (S05, ep.7) | #DiasporaDiaries(2): From Senegal with Love

Africa in Focus Show | Ep.90 | #DiasporaDiaries(2): From Senegal with Love

Celebration of 21st September in Ghana has conspired to remain a double celebration -- the birthday of Ghana's first President, Dr.Kwame Nkrumah, and the International Day of Peace.

We know that Nkrumah was overthrown in Feb 1966 honouring an invite from Hanoi for a peace mission to help resolve the Vietnam War. 

The two commemorations make it a day to connect Africa conversations around peace and security.

In this special holiday edition, we are reprising DiaporaDiaries special, with a focus on Senegal -- and two Senegalese women in particular.

The first, Aicha Tamba, is a peace and security practitioner working for the GIZ support to the AU Border programme in Arusha, Tanzania.

Our conversation with her is to attempt to demystify what the Border programme is, and how it contributes significantly not just to Africa's integration, but its peace and security. How does it feel like being a Senegalese woman working as a diasporan in a sector that is largely male-dominated?

Secondly, we will talk to Viviane Solange, a Senegalese civil servant with sub-regional and international perspective on Senegal's place in the comity of nations. She will help us understand what is happening in Senegal, and what are the latest developments in key sectors that has made the francophone West African country an envy for many?

On this show, we are particularly interested in using DiasporaDiaries to help unpack dynamics within strategic countries on the Continent that barely get coverage in mainstream media.

Guiding questions:
*What is the AU Border Programme?
*What is its track record on facilitating peace and security?
*What is Senegal doing on developing social life for its citizens?
*How strategic is Senegal in the sub-region?

Guests on the line/studio:
**Aicha Tamba, GIZ Advisor on Border Management to East African Community/African Union Border Programme (AUBPB) @14h05

**Viviane Solange, Sociologist & Development Specialist with portfolio of Universal Health Coverage) Senegalese government @14h30

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