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COMING UP!>>Ep.73 | Season 4; Ep.8 > Aif@2: AfriTourism (4): Of Agricultural Tourism & Repeat-Purchase, or a Tale of “Think Ghana, Think Cocoa!”.

Episode #73
(Season 4; Ep.8)

AfriTourism (4): Of Agricultural Tourism & Repeat-Purchase, or a Tale of “Think Ghana, Think Cocoa!”

Season 4 is STILL on the theme of “making money for Africa”.

We commenced the Season unpacking the nitty-gritty of the Creative Economy, and concluded that Film, more than any other cog in the Creative Economy wheel, was probably the most dominant within that Economy. In episode 2, we appreciated how, if managed properly, Sports could become the biggest employer in Ghana, the sub region, and the Continent.

In episode 3, we started to treat the all-important topic of customer service, concluding that, Ghana can achieve an “insanely customer-centric culture” as seen in the West, but it takes exposure and training of frontline staff to do that.

In episode 4, we concluded that East Africa continues to rise, while episode 5 helped demystify Africa’s agriculture under the AU’s flagship programme of CAADP, concluding that issues around Agribusiness and nutrition will dominate discussions around Agriculture after the 12th CAADP Partnership Platform meeting that was held in Accra mid-April. Last week in episode 6, we piggy-backed on the *UNCTAD E-Commerce week* that took place from 18-22 April concluding the show on Cyber-crime with the shocking conclusion that Ghana’s Cyber-awareness is at a shockingly low threshold.

Last week, we spoke to the West Africa Civil Society Institute to get updated on latest activities and publications, concluding that it was necessary to have a conversation about African philanthropy.

This week, we revisit the theme of AfriTourism...in a very special week when AIF turns 2 years old!

Back in September, 2014, our first focus on Afri-Tourism was powerful and deliberate: we had a definition for our listeners on what defines Afri-Tourism. We defined it as “the witting attempt by Africans to purchase African products while visiting African countries.” 

This definition was based on a deliberate process of having had four tourism-related shows from which we drew inspiration for a definition. Again, to remind listeners:
  • Ghana’s Forestry Sector & Eco-Tourism on 29 July, 2014
  • Africa’s Aviation sector on 19 August, 2014
  • Ghana’s Hotel Industry on 26 August, 2014
  • Afri-Tourism on 9 September, 2014
  • The Hotel Industry in Ghana & Africa (2); and a Chat with Miss Tourism 2013 on 30 September, 2014
The term “Afri-Tourism” has become entrenched in AIF’s history on account of the first-ever High-Level Forum on Regional Development in West Africa, which was sponsored by WACSI. At the forum, Kofi Akpabli made a presentation entitled “Towards Afri-Tourism: Making Ghana a viable Tourist Destination” in which he spoke of a kind of sub-regional tourism. Akpabli further spoke of regional tourism blocs, wondering whether West Africa is competing or actually complementing – as done in East Africa.

In 2015, we had a second show on AfriTourism, in which we brought Kofi Akpabli; Professor Boakye; and Aisha Boakye-Yiadom -- three familiar faces to AIF— who know their tourism inside out, and helped us navigate another conversation on it from a sub-regional; national; and continental perspective.

But 2015 was different for another reason as it would be the year when the UN World Tourism Organisation would hold a conference on Branding Africa. It would be there the host would meet the founder of #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou – 17-yr-old Rachel Emefa Markham, who says she will follow the footsteps of her grandfather-journalist’s career.

In February, we had a our third show interviewing the co-founder of Tourism Organisation of Safety and Security (TOSS), concluding that safety and security remains critical for the tourism industry

In this FOURTH & SPECIAL edition of AfriTourism, we introduce you “Think Ghana, Think Cocoa”, which was unveiled at the “Destination Legon” conference organised by the University of Ghana Business School back in mid-April. We were invited by Dr.Kobby Mensah, the brains behind the competition—the third of its kind— for Marketing and Tourism students.

Out of the competition, “Think Ghana, Think Cocoa” caught our heart – for which reason they are here today to help unpack for us how agricultural tourism and the concept of repeat purchase gave birth to the idea of “Think Ghana, Think Cocoa”.

Join us if you can at 2.05pm on 4 May, 2016.
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Guiding questions
  • How central is the concept of repeat purchase in the tourism industry?
  • What is agricultural tourism?
  • Has Ghana paid enough attention to marketing cocoa?

Guest in the studio:
ØChristabel Tamakloe, Founder – Think Ghana, Think Cocoa!
*more details will be available soon on www.africainfocusradioshow.org ; africainfocusshow.blogspot.com.

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