Monday, September 15, 2014

AFRICA IN FOCUS >> Coming up on 16 September, 2014: Deforestation, Climate Change; and Matters Arising

On 29 July, AIF commenced what would be a series of editions examining and understanding Ghana, and Africa's forestry sector.
Having established from that programme that deforestation is a major issue in understanding the sector, we want to dedicate the 18th edition of Africa in Focus from the premise that deforestation is an acknowledged challenge for the country.

As the UNECA and other international partners prepare to host the Fourth Conference on Climate Change  and Development in Africa (CCDA-IV) in Morocco in October, we want to also touch on the issue of climate change, by starting off with important questions on Ghana's state of preparedness on its commitments around climate change. Further, we look at the impact of climate change on deforestation, and interrogate whether there is any way out for Ghana?

Finally, we will look at the way forward, starting off with what the media can do better to engage all stakeholders, including the Forestry Commission and civil society, to carry the torch of climate change and anti-deforestation measures, such as REDD+, to the wider public so that every person buys into the fact that we are all important components in the developmental chain that helps address these problems.

Guiding Questions to be answered:
·        What do we need to know about deforestation, and climate change, and some of the challenges associated with it in Ghana? (OXFAM/Forestwatch)
·        Is there a continental response to combating deforestation in Africa? (Forestwatch)
·        What are some of the threats to reversing deforestation in Africa? (Forestry Commission/Forestwatch/ )
·        What are Kenya and Rwanda doing in responding to the challenges of the forestry sector?(Rwandan Development Board official)
*    How can the media help contribute to sensitising Ghanaians, Africans and forest communities on the critical role they play in demystifying deforestation and climate change?

Guests in the studio:
Ø  Naana Nkansah Agyekum, OXFAM Ghana
Ø  Samuel Mawutor, ForestWatch
Ø  Forestry Commission official

On the line
Ø  Patrick Kwizera, Tour Guide, Rwanda

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