Monday, October 27, 2014

PODCAST>> "AFRICA IN FOCUS: Review of CCDA4 and Ninth African Development Forum in Context of UN@69 (21 October, 2014)

From Emmanuel K:

"Dear friends,

Kindly find the link to the podcast of #AfricainFocus show on Tuesday 21 October, 2014.

Thanks to a technical challenge, we have brought you a longer version, so kindly start from 3:03, where you can listen to the specific "Africa in Focus" edition.

As usual, we have different segments, including our regular "Africa in the News".

While we complain about yet-two more UN conferences at a time the UN is turning 69 on 24 October, have we not arrived at a point where the Global South accepts that the UN is probably still only the international Forum that continually seeks to allow the African voice to be heard? So even as there were few African lawyers; policy-makers; and African negotiators at the Fourth Conference on Climate and Development in Africa (CCDA-IV), and represented at the Ninth African Development Forum, can we surmise that the UN continues to be the sole space where a semblance of advocacy for equity around global concerns can be expressed?

We also had #EbolaWatch updates from Kobby Blay, our registered nurse at Korle-Bu, who was at the studios this time for our 20th edition.

We look forward to comments!

Kind regards,

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