Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fw: Coming up!» Unearthing Voices on Africa’s Development (2):  Africa’s Emerging Fashionistas

26th Edition: 
Unearthing Voices on Africa's Development (2): 
Africa's Emerging Fashionistas

 The Africa in Focus show is 7 months this week, and will be continuing its "Unearthing Voices on Africa's Development" series from last week by speaking to two young women who have both made an impact in Ghana's fashion industry.

The first is Esi Cleland, former popular blogger-turned-entrepreneur, who has been co-managing Afro-Chic since 2009. She will be speaking to AIF about the genesis of AfroChic, and offer an insight into the journey so far, and the future. 

The second is Naa Oyo Quartey, an Occupational Hygiene professional, who is an award-winning Lifestyle blogger and wedding photographer. We will be speaking to her about the passion she shares with Esi on why they both chose to use the internet to market their businesses at a time when selling online is not the most reliable way. 

What drives their audacity of a vision for a future where Ghanaians can purchase locally-made goods from the comfort of their homes?

Finally, in the different segments, we will be speaking to Ugonna, of the Right to Information Coalition, on an upcoming Media Encounter on 3 December about the Coalition's work. We will also speak to Health and Communication officer at West Africa Aids Foundation on what the Foundation will be doing this week to celebrate World Aids Day, celebrated worldwide every year on 1 December.

Kobby Blay will be in the studio to offer us the radio version of EbolaWatch, and remind us not to be complacent on the fight to rid West Africa of Ebola and, ofcourse, keep it away from Ghana!

Guiding Questions to be answered:
·        What is the state of Ghana's fashion industry?
Why AfroChic, and what is its Unique Selling Proposition?
Why does Ghana need bloggers on lifestyle/fashion blog?
Can Ghana's fashion industry be extrapolated to a regional, and continental market?
Why a Coalition on the Right to Information?
Why a Media Encounter on RTI?
What is West Africa Aids Foundation doing to celebrate 1 Dec World Aids Day?
What strides has Ghana made on combating AIDS?

Guests in the studio: 
Esi Cleland, co-founder AfroChic
Ugonna Ukaigwe, Right to Information Coalition
Raymond Ablorh, DW Akademie
Kobby Blay, EbolaWatch

On the line:
Naa Oyo Quartey, Founder of Roots by Naa/Lifestyle & Fashion blogger
Penelope Agbai, Health Information Officer, West Africa Aids Foundation @13h10
Recorded phone interview of Margaret Alexander Reheboth, Head of Women, Peace and Security Institute at KAIPTC

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