Monday, January 19, 2015

PODCAST>>EPISODE#28: Perspective Retrospective (1)

From E K:

Research & Co-ordination: E.K.Bensah Jr
Executive Producer: E.K.Bensah Jr


"Dear friends,

Please find below a link to the podcast of the full edition of 13 January edition of "Africa in Focus".

We spoke to Kofi Akpabli about the book-reading he had earlier in the month. The main discussant was West Africa Bureau Chief of the Nigerian Television Authority Cordelia Ukwuoma who gave us brief insights into what we should expect to read and discuss in the sub-region in 2015 – apart from the elections.
Dominick Andoh gave us an insightful overview of Africa's aviation sector, including the fact that 2015 is likely to register positively for the aviation sector, what with the drop in oil. That said, the situation in Ghana will not find a drop in airfares immediately especially with airlines habitually making a profit after many years in operation – as compared to counterparts elsewhere, where the profits are made a lot earlier allowing them to therefore consider reducing airfares.
This edition also introduced the first-ever edition of "#ECOWAS@40Podcast", which you can download here:

Kindly find the link to the podcast of #AfricainFocus show on Tuesday 13 January, 2015.

We look forward to comments!
In solidarity!"

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