Sunday, March 22, 2015

PODCAST:>>Episode 36: West Africa Drug Policy Network, & Analysis of Bill to transform Ghana’s Narcotics Board (NACOB) into a Commission

Research & Co-ordination: E.K.Bensah Jr
Executive Producer: E.K.Bensah Jr
Technical  Producer: D.J. Stagger

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We used the thirty-sixth edition of the Africa in Focus show to give very important time to two technical experts, and a reformed drug addict, of the newly-established West Africa Drug Policy Network, which is backed by the Senegal-based West Africa Commission on Drugs.

The cardinal objective of the Network is to call for greater support of those afflicted by drug abuse, and help them rehabilitate back into society. 

The old narratives of "war on drugs" is one, the Network believes, is outdated and needs to quickly be replaced by one that supports--not punishes--drug users to have dignity for their lives. Prison only complicates their re-entry back into society, especially when antiquated and repressive narratives are used to punish them like criminals.

Of utmost importance for the Network, Marie-Goretti Ane, lawyer and technical expert of the Network explained, was for Ghanaian policymakers to carefully look through the new Bill that is ready to transform the erstwhile Narcotics Board into a Narcotics Commission. Some of the punishments for drug-users are downright punitive and excessive and find no place in an era where even countries like the US are beginning to re-consider old narratives of punishing the small fish.

We also spoke to Macmillan Prentice of Ghana Standards Authority who gave us a profound insight into the upcoming "ECOSTAND", which is a new (classification) standard for the sub-region.

As per usual, we had Kobby Blay of #EbolaWatch offer us an update of developments around Ebola.

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