Monday, April 27, 2015

#PODCAST>>Episode 40: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Namibian Ambassador to Ghana

Research & Co-ordination: E.K.Bensah Jr
Executive Producer: E.K.Bensah Jr
Technical  Producer: D.J. Stagger

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H.E.Charles Josob
We dedicated the fortieth edition of the Africa in Focus Show to having an exclusive interview with the High Commissioner of Namibia H.E.Charles Josob, which country is celebrating 25 years of independence from South Africa. We talked about Namibia's tourism, aviation; its Pan-Africanist aspirations and relationships. It was revealed that one of the reasons for the slow-down/draw-down of Air Namibia was because of the visa regime! Ghanaians seeking to enter the southern African country had to make their way to Nigeria at extra cost before getting a visa. The Ambassador revealed it is now possible to obtain a visa right here in Accra for USD60.oo (almost GHS240).
Juana Akuamoah-Boateng, Assistant Producer

Also on the line was member of the CAADP Country Team Marjorie Abdin. In a brief interview, she gave us an insight into what had been happening around Africa's agriculture, which is also known as the Comprehensive Africa Agrifulture Development Programme(CAADP). Arguably one of the African Union's most successful programmes, few nationals know about it. The new vim injected into the CAADP Country Team's work, what with the establishment of an office, means that the team can go ahead and better-strategise their work on agriculture, and involve more stakeholders, including the media. Marjorie talked of bringing on board media houses like Radio XYZ93.1FM, through the "Africa in Focus" Show.

We took the opportunity to introduce to listeners my Assistant Producer Juana Akuamoah-Boateng, who will be helping out with aspects of the show's research production from hereon in.

Kindly find a link to download the podcast below, and enjoy "Africa in Focus" Show exclusive with the High Commissioner of Namibia to Ghana:

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