Tuesday, May 12, 2015

COMING UP!>>Ep.42: Impact of Ghana’s Power Crisis(2)…on Women, & Renewable Energy Alternatives

Episode #42:
Impact of Ghana’s Power Crisis(2)…on Women, & Renewable Energy Alternatives

The Africa in Focus Show turned 1 on 5 May, 2015.

 In the next edition of AIF Show, we will be having a conversation with some strong women about the impact of Ghana's ongoing power crisis on our mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters.

As the critical element in the nuclear family, what alternatives exist to help mitigate the impact effects on them? To that end, we will, in our second conversation with SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, speak to two reps from that organisation, who will also tell us about their affordable solar lanterns, and other options that exist for women.

Furthermore, we will speak to Mrs.Catherine Appiah-Pinkrah of Ministry of Defence who will give insights into the implications of power crisis as a "peace and security" issue at the micro-level in the way it impacts the nuclear family.
With Mother's Day behind us, might it be an opportunity not just to celebrate our mothers, daughters, and sisters but...to reflect on the immense multiple roles they are compelled to assume as they seek to bring harmony to the home in the light of the more-than-usual darkness that has visited the homes of Ghanaians for 3 years.

Call us on the following numbers when we open the phone lines at 14h30 GMT
+233(0)289.000.931 // +233(0)289.931.000

Join us if you can at 1pm on 12 May, 2015.

Guiding questions
1. Everyone is being impacted by the ongoing power crisis, so why should we start segmenting which gender is most affected?

2. Suppose we operate from assumption women are even affected differently, in what specific ways does the crisis affect them, & their productivity that is different from men?

3. As we celebrate 15 years of UNSCR1325, what can the newly-established WPSComms1325 help do to intervene in the discussions on alternatives for women as they help manage the family unit, ensuring it is as harmonious as possible for both children & husbands?

4. Are we taking it for granted how the power crisis is veritably a peace & security matter at the micro-level?

Guests in the studio:
Ø  Fitnat Boamah, Sales & Marketing, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Ø  Akua Okyere-Nyako, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

On the line:

·         Mrs.Catherine Appiah-Pinkrah, Ministry of Defence @ 14h00

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