Monday, July 6, 2015

COMING UP!>>Episode 47: Revisiting Climate Change: Ghana’s Preparation Towards COP21!

 Episode #47:
Revisiting Climate Change: Ghana’s Preparation Towards COP21!

With just five months left to go before the Paris Climate Change negotiations in Paris, we want to use ep.47 of #AfricainFocusShow to speak to both civil society and government on the important steps that need to be considered before Paris.

A Guardian Paper report of 6 July states that in the EU Commissioner for Climate Action Miguel Canete’s opinion, there is “no plan B” if the Paris Climate Conference ends in failure.

The report maintains the Commissioner is deeply concerned by the lack of negotiating time remaining before the conference, which is supposed to offer sweeping new measures to help poor nations adapt to the ravages of global warming.

In Ghana, government has straddled the divide between adaptation and mitigation. What is its real position on climate change, especially now that Ghana has a National Climate Change Policy?

If COP21 is truly a make-or-break meeting, then a discussion like this is critical many months before, especially because 24 July is the deadline for when a draft text needs to be ready for discussion in Paris!

Call us on the following numbers when we open the phone lines at 14h30 GMT
+233(0)289.000.931 // +233(0)289.931.000
Join us if you can at 1pm on 7 July, 2015.

Guiding questions
·       Is Ghana ready for COP21(2015 Paris Climate Conference)?
·       What is clear picture by government on its preparations?
·       Mitigation or adaptation? What is government’s position?
·       How important is reforestation for government in the road to COP21?

Guests in the studio:
Ø  Kwame Mensah, KASA Secretariat
Ø  Yaw Kwakye, Head of Climate Change, Forestry Commission
Ø Dr.Emmanuel Tachie-Obeng, Principal Programme Officer, Environmental Protection Agency

Guests on the line:
Ø  Samuel Alovernu, WorldReader @13h20

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