Friday, December 11, 2015

#PODCAST: Interview with Head of AU's African Governance Architecture's Dr.George Mukundi

This is an exclusive interview I conducted with Dr.George Mukundi, Head of the African Governance Architecture of the AU.
I took opportunity to ask him to expatiate on the AGA; its relevance in the democracy conversation the AU is seeking to foster.
Finally, we touched on why Burkina Faso is an important model for citizen engagement in their democratic dispensation; plus an intimate insight into the #DGTrends hashtag, which hit its millionth-plus reach at the Kigali meeting.
Few will know the genesis of DGTrends. It was mooted at the earlier High-Level Dialogues on Democracy in Dakar and was, according to Dr.Mukundi, "appropriated" by the AU. He does not accept credit that the AU created it, but states the hashtag, which stands for "Democratic Governance Trends", is owned by citizens.
Follow Dr.George Mukundi on @mukundigeorge, and follow the African conversation on democracy by searching "#DGTrends" on twitter.
The podcast was produced by Executive Producer E.K.Bensah Jr (ekbensah) for Africa in Focus Show (@africainfocus14)
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