Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Coming up on Ep.57 of Africa in Focus Show on 13 January, 2016: "Afro-Democracy Look-ahead!"

Episode #57:
Afro-Democracy Look-Ahead

On 15 September 2015, Ghana joined the global comity of nations to celebrate International Day of Democracy.

For Ghanaians, it seems, no election matters more than their own. Africa in Focus(AIF) believes otherwise, for which reason it has populated a power-packed triumvirate to help us demystify; and unpack democracy – as practiced by African countries.

Demystifying democracy on the show is about seeking clarity on Africa’s peculiar type of democracy, including shedding light on the latest fad, where leaders decide to tweak the constitution or –better still – take it to a referendum (Rwanda). Some speculate this is a democratization of non-democratic practices as this inevitably has consequences on our peace and security.

To this end, WANEP will join us to unpack the security issues around Africa’s democracy, as well as offer insights into what the world should expect in light of Burkina Faso; Benin; & Niger’s upcoming elections in February.    

Call us on the following numbers when we open the phone lines at 14h30 GMT
+233(0)289.000.931 // +233(0)289.931.000

Join us if you can between 2pm & 3pm on 13 January, 2016.

Guiding questions
·       How central is citizenship in the conversation on Africa’s democratic discourse?
·       How do citizens help strengthen democracy-promoting institutions of State?
·       What should citizens do more of to deepen democracy?
·       What is the role of CSOs in promoting Africa’s democracy?
·       What mechanisms do you think must be put in place to engage non-state actors in policy-making processes?
·        Where does Burundi go from here?
·       Has the East African region lost the plot on a conversation on two-term limits?

 Guests in the studio:
Ø   Isaac Hubert, West Africa Civil Society Institute(WACSI)
Ø Levinia Addae-Mensah, Programmes Director, West Africa Network for Peacebuilding(WANEP)


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