Wednesday, August 17, 2016

COMING UP!>>Ep.86 (Season 58, Ep.3): AfroDemocracy(6):Deconstructing #ZambiaDecides

As part of our series examining Africa’s democracy and governance, we will use ep.86 (Season 5, ep.3) to continue from where we left off last week, by this time looking at how the 11 August elections in Zambia unfolded.

We bring back Mark Amaliya, who is a governance expert at the Mutatio Institute. Although he has featured on the show twice already in Season 3, we are bringing him to help us do to the Zambian elections what we did in Season 3 examining the fallout of ‪#‎UgandaDecided‬ in February 2016.

In addition, we will be speaking to Zambian CSO Expert, Lucy Munthali -- live from Lusaka--. She voted and offered a summary of how voting transpired on the day in the East Africa Rising group. She will further include an offer of a snapshot of Zambia as a country that enjoys uncanny affinities with Ghana -- including load-shedding and playing second-fiddle producer of a commodity.

**Guiding questions:**
  • What’s the significance of the Zambian elections for the SADC region?
  • How critical is the outcome of the Zambian elections to the Zambian-Zimbabwe dynamic in the region?
  • What will election of incumbent portend for Zambia’s future, including decision to go to the IMF?

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