Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Coming up!>#AfroDemocracy(8): SDG(16) vs. Agenda 2063

Episode #93*
(Season 5; Ep.10): 
#AfroDemocracy(8): SDG(16) vs. Agenda 2063

Still on our mission to demystify the Sustainable Development Goals, with a specific focus on SDG 16, which calls for accountable institutions, we will be speaking to ISODEC's Bernard Anaba to help us explore commonalities and differences between the SDGs and Agenda 2063 -- the AU's flagship blueprint for continental development.

In our last two shows on SDG 16 (ep.89 & 91), we discussed Freedom of Information and Democracy respectively.

We want to continue to #AfroDemocracy series, now in its 8th edition, by comparing and contrasting aspects of Agenda2063 and the SDGs.

It is well-nigh impossible to do an outright comparison between the two voluminous documents, evidently, so we have chosen to focus on SDG 16, which promotes "just, peaceful and inclusive societies".

Buried inside the specific targets is the development of "effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels." This is very consistent with the whole Africa in Focus Show itself, which prides itself in demystifying the institutions of ECOWAS, African Union, and East African Community. We believe we cannot make any headway in shedding light on these institutions alone:  a necessary accountability must be expected.

In one foul swoop, we are introducing the Sustainable Development Goals, with a specific focus on SDG 16 and Agenda 2063, where with 7 "aspirations", and 76 articles, Africans are expected to get an equitable Africa they want by 2063.

The focus on SDG 16 and Aspiration 7 in this show will help us better-focus on the institutions necessary for an equitable society.

A conversation of the two landmark documents is only the beginning of a very-necessary conversation on obtaining a more just, and inclusive society for all.

At 14h05 on Wednesday 19 Oct, 2016, I will interview Bernard Anaba of the Integrated Social Development Centre. A podcast will be made available.

**Guiding questions**
1. What is Agenda2063?
2. What is SDG16 and why is it especially-important for Africa?
3. Can a comparison between SDGs and Agenda2063 do justice to what Africa needs for a more equitable continent?

Guest (in the studio)
➢  Bernard Anaba,  ISODEC

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