Monday, May 12, 2014

Coming up on 13 May Edition of "Africa in Focus": Peace & Security in West Africa: the missing girls; free movement; Boko Haram; and the role of ECOWAS

Emmanuel K Bensah Jr will be live on air on Africa in Focus Show - Radio XYZ 93.1FM Tuesday at 13h00 GMT exploring "Peace & Security in West Africa: the missing girls; free movement; Boko Haram; and the role of ECOWAS". 

Guests will include a researcher from the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Centre(KAIPTC); a Nigerian diasporan Counter-terrorism expert who is a lawyer/former METROPOLITAN Police Officer, and author on Boko Haram; and a Nigerian journalist. 

Please leave your thoughts and comments, and we will read them on air. Thank you!

Lydia Mawuenya Amedzrator -- is a Researcher at the Faculty of Academic Affairs and Research, Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Conflict, Peace and Security. Her research interests are in African security issues particularly the changing and emerging security trends, youth and violence, the role of women in the African security space. She has published some of her works in international peer reviewed journals including the Spectator, Aspenia 60 and Digital Development Debates. Some of her papers include: the Overview of the West African Security Situation (with Dr. Kwesi Aning); Mali: Insecurity Hotspot in the Sahel (with Dr. Kwesi Aning); and Security in the Sahel: Linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean (with Dr. Kwesi Aning)

Janet Faden -- a freelance Online journalist based in Jos, Nigeria, who practices under her media enterprise called JfadenMultimedia. She produces online multimedia contents for media houses and organisations providing site management consultancy; and training/workshops on New Media and TV Production. Her news website Plateau News Online has almost 13,000 loyal readers on facebook fan page making it one of the  leading independent news portal in the middle belt region of Nigeria.

Temitope Olodo -- a Preventive Counter Terrorism Consultant based in the United Kingdom with many years of experience working in sensitive security post for Her Majesty Government including The Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT). Temi is one of Nigerian foremost Diaspora Security Expert in Europe adding value to the debate on Nigeria security management. 

He is the author of "Counter Terrorism Guidance For Nigeria Religious Leaders" and "Nigeria Family Emergency Plan" and he was a former Special Constable with Kent Police. 
Temi is a prolific speaker, trainer and facilitator of  security workshops/seminars. For further information about projects or speaking engagements send an email to ( 

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