Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Why the 20 May, 2014 Edition of "Africa in Focus" was a Non-Show

By Elizabeth Owusu-Kissi, “Africa in Focus” News Reporter

For Ghana, in Africa, we will say the rainy season is here again. As to whether Ghana is prepared for it is moot. It is unfortunate Africans are however left to the mercy of climate change if they are not adequately armed.

Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents when it comes to climate change. The situation is worsened because of the poor state of economic development and low adaptive capacity. We will have no reason to debunk what the president of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. John Dramani Mahama said – that climate change must be seen as a developmental issue and not an environmental problem because it impacts all aspect of social lives”.

The “Africa in Focus” team believes President Mahama’s idea of collaborating with various development partners, such as Japan, to integrate climate change-mitigation into various sectors of the economy in Ghana, is a good start and can be emulated by other African countries.

It is because of this weather condition in Ghana that our audience can testify that the “Africa In Focus” show, slated for live-broadcasting on May 20, 2014, fell on rocks because our media house fell victim to the weather hazard in the heavy downpour.

One way of tackling this is with preventive measures, such as investing in disaster-risk reduction in Africa. “Africa in Focus” is of the view that investment in disaster-risk reduction pays in Africa –in both short and long term impacts of managing disasters.

“Africa in Focus” show will bring to light latest updates and continuous live broadcast of the edition on “How Far Africa Is Integrating” at a later date – as well as deliberations on how feasible preventive measures of climate change in Africa can help save the continent Africa.


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