Monday, June 16, 2014

AFRICA IN FOCUS>>Coming up on 17 June, 2014: What can the West learn from the East?

Forget “Africa Rising”! Is it a case of East Africa Rising?

West Africa has become synonymous to efforts on maintaining peace and security. Meanwhile, East Africa, while populated by only 5 member countries, already has a track-record of successful integration efforts which collapsed back in 1977 when ECOWAS was only two years old.

So it is not as if East Africa has not done it before. The region has the erstwhile institutions available which West Africa can learn from. Coupled with the fact that individual countries, such as Kenya, Rwanda, and non-EAC member Ethiopia are all doing very well in their own right, one begins to question whether there are no best practices West Africa can learn from the East.

Much of the time, there is talk that Africa can learn from the East. We play ball closer to home by asking what can Africa, especially the sub-region of the West, learn from African countries that are East of the continent!

Guests include:
Ø  Anthony Annan, a Ghanaian entrepreneur living in Rwanda
Ø  Eyob Tekalign Tolina, an Ethiopian who has worked with the UNECA, and well-versed on Trade Policy
Ø  Uwem Thompson, Communications Officer of Ecowas Regional Energy Regulatory Authority (ERERA)
Ø  Christine Njeru, a Kenyan Lawyer and Consultant living in Nairobi

Tune in at 13h10 GMT (1:00pm Ghana Time). We’re also streaming live

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