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COMING UP!>>Ep.70 (Season 4, Ep.5) | 12th CAADP Meeting: Matters Arising Around Africa’s Agriculture when the AU is in Accra

Episode #70
(Season 4; Ep.5):  

12th CAADP Meeting: Matters Arising Around Africa’s Agriculture when the AU is in Accra

We continue Season 4 STILL on the theme of “making money for Africa”.

We started the Season with the Creative Economy, and concluded that Film, more than any other cog in the Creative Economy wheel, was probably the most dominant within that Economy.

In episode 2, we appreciated how, if managed properly, Sports could become the biggest employer in Ghana, the sub region, and the Continent.

Episode 3 saw us beginning to unpack customer service, concluding that, Ghana can achieve an “insanely customer-centric culture” as seen in the West, but it takes exposure and training of frontline staff to do that.

Last week, we revisited the topic of East Africa and its rise for the fourth time, concluding East Africa continues to rise, so it’s time in West Africa, we tweaked what has been working in that region and emulated it.

Today we are revisiting the issue of Africa’s agriculture for the third time. 

In Ep.32 (Season 2), we had our first discussion on the continental compact of CAADP.

Our earlier discussions last year had centred on the role of organisations like AgriPro, which are doing great things around the youth and agric. In 2015, the focus was necessarily continental, with a focus on what synergies can be created between the AU’s Continental CAADP Programme and the CAADP Country Teams, which are critical in the implementation of CAADP – especially at a time when CAADP has entered the next stage of Implementation and Strategy with a view to a 2025 goal.

In episode 70, we still stick with the Continental – not least because the AU is in town for the 12th CAADP Platform meeting.

The meeting in question – this year’s 12th Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) – is underway at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel here in Accra.

Organized by the AU Commission and NEPAD on the theme “Innovative Financing and Renewed Partnership to Accelerate CAADP Implementation”, the meeting is an annual continental Forum that seeks to bring together stakeholders in African agriculture.

This 12th CAADP Meeting further-seeks to highlight how best to accelerate the implementation, through financial innovation and partnerships, for delivering the Malabo Declaration and the African Union Agenda 2063.
This meeting has a specific focus on helping build a shared understanding of country and regional needs and expectations to roll out the Implementation Strategy and Roadmap, including launching efforts to form technical partnerships to align with and support implementation.

CAADP faces new implementation challenges that will require evolving partnerships, including those that seek to integrate major initiatives and flagship efforts now in place that will help target the Malabo declaration.

In today’s edition, we will be speaking to Dr. Aggrey of FARA Secretariat here in Accra who will help unpack the meeting; its objectives; and the future for Africa’s agriculture.

Join us if you can at 2.05pm on 13 April, 2016.

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Guiding questions
1.   Why is the 12th  CAADP Partnership Platform meeting (on the theme “Financing African Agriculture and Implementation Support for Accelerated Agriculture Growth and Transformation.”) taking place at this time? Is it a follow-up of an earlier meeting? What's the objective?

2.   Malabo is supposed to be about implementation of CAADP: how central is financing for CAADP?

3.   How central is the private sector in scaling up the discussions on CAADP?

4.   What is the expected contribution of research and innovation; and leading institutions like FARA and the Sub-regional organisations in the implementation of Malabo?

Guests in the studio:
Ø Dr. Aggrey, Director for Corporate Partnerships and Communication; Forum for Agriculture Research in Africa (FARA Secretariat), Accra


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