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COMING UP!>>Episode #69 (Season 4; Ep.4):East Africa Rising(4): Remembering & Reflecting on Rwanda@22

Episode #69
(Season 4; Ep.4):  

East Africa Rising(4): Remembering & Reflecting on Rwanda@22

We continue Season 4 STILL on the theme of “making money for Africa”.

We started the Season with the Creative Economy, and concluded that Film, more than any other cog in the Creative Economy wheel, was probably the most dominant within that Economy. In episode 2, we appreciated how, if managed properly, Sports could become the biggest employer in Ghana, the sub region, and the Continent.

Last week, we started to unpack customer service, concluding that, Ghana can achieve an “insanely customer-centric culture” as seen in the West, but it takes exposure and training of frontline staff to do that.

Today, we revisit East Africa, which we commenced back in Season 1.

On 17 June, 2014, we initiated a discussion on East Africa.

Still as part of this show’s “East Africa rising” programme, we are reprising the focus of East Africa on the Show, with a view to reminding listeners about the urgency of catalyzing and capitalizing on synergy with East Africa.

The Southern African country of Namibia recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of the opening of its High Commission in Ghana, but, really, how many East African countries have diplomatic representations here? If not, why not? (Kenya has none in Ghana yet, though there is talk that after Kenyatta reciprocates a visit to Ghana sometime this year, there may be one; Rwanda has a diplomatic representation, now based at Weija, here in Accra; Uganda has none at all – never mind, Burundi or Tanzania). 

In February 2015, Ethiopia tested light rail. Rwanda has bought new planes to fly to Europe. Can it give is lessons on sanitizing our sanitation day? In November 2013, Kenya unveiled a US$13.8bn high-speed train. Is this something we can learn from them? What about Ghanaian businessmen and their ability to take advantage of doing business in Ghana at a time Ghana Tourism Authority are talking about learning from Kenya?

While these are important questions to be asked, one would have hoped we would not be asking them in 2016, when ECOWAS turns 41 and President Mahama invited Kenya’s President Kenyatta to the country’s independence celebrations in March.

Today’s edition is special for the specific reason that it comes at a time when 2 April was exactly a year since the Garissa attack in Kenya that claimed some 148 lives at the university.

But it is especially significant because Thursday 7 April will be the sixth commemoration of the official International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide since the day was mooted by the UN in 2010. The day commemorates the deaths of 800,000 people murdered during the 1994 genocide in that country.

Today, however, is not a celebration on a somber note, but one that is excited by all that is East African and Rwandan – for which reason I will be speaking to Martin Ankrah of Global Media Alliance, with whom the host of “Africa in Focus” was priviledged to join in being part of a Media Familiarization tour back in July 2014.

In the fourth episode of Season 4, we will move from the general appreciation of East Africa by a Nigerian lawyer living and working in Kenya to the specific case of an AU Official from Rwanda, living in Addis, speaking about his country to the studio, where we will discuss synergies and the future of East & West Africa.

AIF started in 2014 with a recognition that East Africa is rising. Is Ghana listening?

Join us if you can at 2.05pm on 6 April, 2016.

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Guests in the studio:
Ø Martin Ankrah, Global Media Alliance

v  Guests on PODCAST:
Ø  Osai Ojigho, Lawyer & Coordinator of State of the Union(SOTU), Nairobi, Kenya
Ø  Prudence Sebahizi, Economist & Advisor, Continental Free Trade Area Negotiations, African Union, Addis Ababa

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