Thursday, July 31, 2014

PODCAST>> "AFRICA IN FOCUS: "Understanding the Forestry Sector; and Eco-Tourism" (29 July, 2014)

From Emmanuel K:

"Kindly find a podcast of the 29 July edition of "Africa in Focus", which interrogated the question that:

"With the AU having signed an MOU with the UN World Tourism Organisation a few weeks ago to help use tourism to eradicate poverty in Africa, we will use the 11th edition of AIF to interrogate the extent to which Africa can overcome its developmental challenges using best practices from selected countries on facilitating tourism that includes a recognition of improved sanitation and a sustainable environment. "

**Questions to be answered:**
• What do we need to know about the Forestry sector, and some of the challenges associated with it in Ghana? (Forestwatch)
• Is Ghana ready for Ecotourism at the scale of other African countries? (Forestwatch)
• Is there a continental response to forestry sector in Africa? (Forestwatch)
• What are some of the threats to forestry sector in Africa? (Forestwatch)
• Do we have a sufficiently-sustainable environmental sector that will stimulate Ecotourism? (ForestWatch/Civic Response)
• What is Kenya doing in responding to the challenges of the forestry sector?( Kenyan Forestry Service)"

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