Tuesday, March 8, 2016

COMING UP!>>Ep#65 (S03, Ep.21): Celebrating Ghana’s Women in the Corporate World!

Episode #65
(Season 3; Ep.21):  
Celebrating Ghana’s Women in the Corporate World!

In the last edition for Season 3 of the show, we want to celebrate some of Ghana’s women by looking at two case scenarios:

First we will be speaking to Eunice Brako-Marfo of the Ghana Association of Savings & Loans Company, which helps her interact with mostly-men. We will find out how she adapts herself to an industry like that.

Secondly, we will be speaking to the Founder of the Ghana Women in Business & Leadership about the objectives of the Network, and why it is important to women to play critical roles in the corporate world. 

We will be refracting all this through the lens of International Women’s Day and ask a fundamental question: are women making a difference in the corporate world, or is there still some way to go?

Join us if you can at 2.05pm on 9 March, 2015.
Call us on the following numbers
Guiding questions
  • How does it feel to be a woman in a male-dominated working world?
  • On IWD, how are Ghanaian women repositioning themselves to create impact in the working world?
  • How can a “Women in Business” Summit help network women to work more effectively and efficiently?
  • What kind of businesses are women more suited to do?

Guest in the studio:
Ø  Jennifer Sarpong , Motivational Speaker/Author , Ghana Women in Business & Leadership

Guest on the line:
Ø  Eunice Brako-Marfo , Executive Secretary, Ghana Association of Savings & Loans Company (GHASALC) @ 14h20-14h30
more details will be available soon on www.africainfocusradioshow.org ; africainfocusshow.blogspot.com. Follow the conversations on #AfricainFocus on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/africainfocus14. Tweet Emmanuel ahead of time on www.twitter.com/ekbensah, using #africainfocus .
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