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COMING UP!>>Ep.67(S04, Ep.2)>Africa & Sport (1): Lessons for African Unity?

Episode #67
(Season 4; Ep.2):  
Africa & Sport (1):
Lessons for African Unity?

We continue Season 4 STILL with a bang – by jumping into the conversation on Sports. Since it debuted on 6 May, 2014, this is actually the first time we are discussing Sport. This is ironic, considering the capacity of Sports to foster African unity.

When we look at football alone, the World Cup and AFCON together generate a sense of African’s potential over the “Beautiful game” and, by extension, the potential “dominion” they could hold in sectors non-sport.

At a recent press conference at UN headquarters in February, the UN Secretary-General spoke to the significance of “The Value of Hosting Mega Sport Events as a Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainable Development Tool.”

In it, he reminded the world about the importance of mega-sports events leaving “durable legacies by developing equitable, inclusive and accessible facilities and infrastructure that will benefit societies long after the games and competition are over.” The message behind this was to emphasize how so-called mega sport events, like the World Cup and the upcoming Olympics, have taken the sustainable and inclusive developmental path by implementing “outstanding legacy initiatives at the local, national, regional and global levels.”

As the world heads down August to witness the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, we want to ask some important questions about the role of sports and its potential to help unite Africa.

Over the past decade, AFCONs have offered a sense of pride to West Africa as Cote d’Ivoire; Togo; Ghana; -- to name but three – have dominated the games. Some may say the magical aura of regional solidarity that surrounds games like these remind us how united we are more as a region than we think.

It is arguable that football reminds us how more-closely we identify with the regional space than the continental. Even if this is the case, what lessons are there within football, specifically, to help us learn about facilitating African unity?

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Guiding questions
  • Does football rally more African together than any other sport?
  • How do we use sport to foster African unity?
  • What other sports can Africa point to for lessons on solidarity?

Guests in the studio:
Ø  Nana Agyeman , Media Consultant; Sports Analyst & UEFA-licensed coach  

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