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COMING UP!>>Ep.66 (S04, Ep,1):Africa’s Creative Economy (1): Ghana vs. Nigeria Film: Lessons Learnt?

Episode #66
(Season 4; Ep.1):  
Africa’s Creative Economy (1):
Ghana vs. Nigeria Film: Lessons Learnt?

We start off Season 4 with a bang – by jumping into the conversation on the Creative Economy, which we started in an earlier incarnation on 24 February 2015, and this year as “Towards an African Personality”. We will still reprise a conversation on this theme each 24 February, but want to use Season 4 to help unpack more concretely elements of Africa’s Creative Economy.

Although definitions of the Creative Economy continue to evolve, it is attributed to one John Howkins who developed the concept in 2001 “to describe economic systems where value is based on novel, imaginative qualities rather than traditional resources of land; labor and capital.”

Put simply: the term was applied to the arts; cultural goods and services; toys and games; research and development.

It is arguable that Africa has this in abundance, but has not necessarily been defined as such in the strictest sense of the term. We want to provoke our listeners to consider whether the continent’s Creative Economy can help African economies make money to complement the traditional responses to generating revenue.

Along the value chain of Africa’s Creative Economy is, arguably, the Film industry. Even if not all countries possess a Film industry – but pockets of different people doing their own thing, as stated by JOT Agyemang – it remains one of the most popular elements of the Creative Economy.

The borrowed nomenclature of “-wood” to both the Nigerian and Ghanaian ones are insufficient to mask the differences of style and substance of the two countries’.

The rich history alone of these two countries’ film needs to be unpacked – if even for the sake of nostalgia and for the aspiration that even as Africa struggles with the traditional ways of revenue-generation, if it just got its act together on the Creative Economy – especially film – it would serve as a significant boost to member countries.

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Guiding questions
  • How critical was Nigerian collaboration to the development of Ghanaian film?
  • Can an enhanced Nigeria-Ghana collaboration foster mutual efficiency of their respective industries?
  • What needs to quickly-happen to make this a reality?
  • What lessons can the Ghanaian film industry draw from Nigeria’s evolution of its film industry in making epic movies?

Guests in the studio:
Ø  Elijah Iposu , former Programmes Manager, Homebase TV
Ø  J.O.T Agyeman, Communications Consultant & General Manager, Productions, Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company 

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