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COMING UP!>>Ep#68 (Season 4; Ep.3):Delivering an excellent Customer Service Culture in Ghana & across Africa (1)

Episode #68
(Season 4; Ep.3):  
Delivering an excellent Customer Service Culture in Ghana & across Africa (1)

We continue Season 4 STILL on the theme of “making money for Africa”.

We started the Season with the Creative Economy, and concluded that Film, more than any other cog in the Creative Economy wheel, was probably the most dominant within the Creative Economy that has an ancillary value-chain that includes caterers; fashion-designers; etc.

Last week, we concluded the show appreciating how if managed properly, Sports could become the biggest employer in Ghana, the sub region, and the Continent.

In episode 3 of the Show, we are talking customer service – without which it remains difficult to add value to your organisation, and make money. Buried inside that conversation is a cultural relativism that seeks to suggest Africans simply are averse to customer service. This begs the question of whether there is such as thing as “African customer service.”?

Even more importantly, we want to unpack the experience of customer service in Ghana, and explore ways in which we can begin to have a proper conversation about its role in the so-called Africa Rising narrative.

That East Africa has an East African Customer Service Charter, plus the fact that in 2015, a number of customer service jobs were going to the region arguably speaks to a comparative advantage by the East that West African countries, like Ghana, can tap into.

Back in March 2010, the Economist magazine reported how the arrival of three international fibre-optic cables in Kenya had “sparked hopes of an information-technology boom.” According to the magazine, the Kenyan government believed that business-process outsourcing (BPO) could provide work for the country’s numerous unemployed graduates. Other African countries were listed, including Ghana.

Ghana had apparently-identified BPO as a pillar of future development, and had expressed an interest in creating 40,000 jobs by 2015, with a longer-term goal of earning $1billion a year from the industry. Ghana had equally waxed lyrical about the establishment of technology parks across the country.

The reality, six years down the line, is evidently very different: Ghana has not seemed to pay sufficient attention to either BPO or seen the value of enhancing the customer service value chain.

Significantly over-taken by East Africa to the extent that the region has incorporated it into their equivalent of ECOWAS (in the East African Community), Ghana is left with lofty conversations around technology parks. In 2012, Ghana announced it would establish the first technology park in Tema; the sod was cut for Hope City by President Mahama in 2013; and, in 2015, Ghana announced a partnership with Mauritius to renew the 2012 promise of a Park in Tema.

As we know, it has yet to materialize; and some may argue that the country’s dedication to customer service remains abortive.

So, we ask: how serious in Ghana about customer service?

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Guiding questions
  • Is there such a thing as an African Customer Service Culture?
  • Has consistent messaging of staff about a company failed in Ghana?
  • How important is customer service to enhanced revenue?
  • How central is technology to enhancing customer service?

Guests in the studio:
Ø Dr.Benonia Aryee-Manu, Founder & CEO –Omansi Business Advisory & Training Services/national customer service advocate

v  Guest on the line:
Ø  Edem Senanu, Management Consultant

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